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Family Owned Company: Made By Family For Family

We are a family-owned and family-operated company that makes certified safe products for our customers because we want better for our own. Purelizer always be honest about our claims and we back them up with test certifications from credible authorities. Purelizer is a family-founded company that strives to partner with other like-minded people around the world to distribute natural products.



We are a family-owned and family-operated company full of people who know what it’s like to walk in your shoes. We use our experience with our family to determine what products we would want for our own family, and then pass that along to yours.

If we wouldn’t use something for our family, we wouldn’t sell it for to yours. We are proud to share Purelizer with you – the products, and the love for all things pure.

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Nothing is stronger or more motivating than love – especially parental love for a child. That’s why love is the essence of Purelizer – a brand that is imbued by parents for parents with parents in mind. We always try to give our best to our children, and that means constantly monitoring products that are safe and good in every way.

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There is a growing demand for antiseptic products all around the globe. The world is changing, so don’t fall behind!

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