Best Antiseptic Product

Hand Sanitizer 70% Alcohol

Natural Ingredients

Safe for human. We care about Mother Nature and we don't test on animals.

Transparent & Ethical

We are 100% honest about our ingredients. No false claims, no empty promises.

100% Money Back

If the item didn't suit you. Get refund, no question ask.

Purelizer Antiseptic Spray

Anti-Bacterial & Non-Alcohol antiseptic for all surfaces, all conditions, and all family members.

Purelizer Hand Sanitizer

Effective in killing bacteria, germs and viruses in seconds.

Pure H2O2

Hydrogen Peroxide - Food Grade with the best quality.

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Nothing is stronger or more motivating than love – especially parental love for a child. That’s why love is the essence of Purelizer – a brand that is imbued by parents for parents with parents in mind. We always try to give our best to our children, and that means constantly monitoring products that are safe and good in every way.


Hygiene is so important now more than ever. We are pretty sure you’d know by now. Here are a few stories from our beloved Purelizer’s users. 

New normal ini membawa perubahan gaya hidup untuk saya dan Purelizer adalah pilihan yang terbaik untuk saya.

Romelyn Indahwati
Interior Designer

Keluarga saya sangat puas menggunakan hand sanitizer Purelizer. Anak saya yang berusia 8 tahun pun suka dengan aromanya dan cepat kering.

Siska Wijaya

Ibu Rumah Tangga

Cocok dengan hand sanitizer Purelizer, kualitas oke dan harga juga oke. Recommended!


Nancy Lim


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